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Vincent Tool Owner Skar Stays Close to His CVTC Program

Ken Skar still thinks of himself as an employee, even though he became the owner of Vincent Tool in Chippewa Falls almost two years ago. He knows it’s not about him as boss or any one of the 21 employees – 20 of whom are Chippewa Valley Technical College graduates. “It’s a collaboration of all employees,” said Skar, who started working for the machine tool shop that specializes in plastic injection custom mold bases in 2000. “This industry is a daily challenge of new parts and processes.” Skar learned about the machine industry by staying involved with the program as an alumni and co-chair of the Machine Tooling Technics Advisory Committee. “We put as much information as we can into the program so it can stay on top,” Skar said. “The industry around here puts its heart and soul into the program.” A 1996 graduate of New Auburn High School, Skar became interested in tool industry through CVTC, and now he’s helping CVTC learn how to stay on the cutting edge of the

put us in contact with a lot of people who had similar careers.” Skar enrolled in the CVTC Machine Tooling Technics program in 1998 and learned under instructors like Steve Michaud. “They were just getting the Haas Technology Center off the ground, so it was all new equipment,” Skar said. “The instructors did a great job, and they do a great job today – one of the leaders in the industry. The instructors have been involved in a variety for John Deere in Rochester, Minn., Skar took a job with the year-old start-up company Vincent Tool in 2000. He brought with him an understanding of standards of excellence he learned at CVTC and John Deere. At Vincent Tool, Skar worked his way up to manager, then bought the company, retaining the original name. Recruitment of machinists is a highly competitive business for companies. Currently the demand for workers far outpaces the supply. CVTC graduates are among the most sought-after hires, Skar said. “The students are ready to go to work right away. We just teach them our machine shop’s process,” Skar said. Those graduates seem to like working at Vincent Tool. Skar said the first one the company hired is still there. > For more information about the Machine Tool program, go to . of industries, so they understand machining processes and practices, and stay on top of it.” After a couple of years working

.................................. “CVTC graduates are among the most sought-after hires.” ..................................

manufacturing work when he and his friends were involved in stock car racing. “We were all kind of gearheads,” he said. “That

Ken Skar started working for Vincent Tool in 2000 and became owner two years ago.

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